Recent Success Stories

AnwaltskanzleiR v C

Represented a client falsely accused of sexual assault on his daughter aged 8. This was an extremely difficult case due to the age of the alleged victim. However after sensitive yet robust advocacy from Michael Skelley of 18 Red Lion Court our client was rightfully acquitted. Please see the testimonial from a very relieved and grateful client

R v H

Represented a client aged 14 with learning difficulties who had been accused of serious sexual assaults on younger children. Difficult to imagine a more difficult or sensitive case. Case prepared meticulously by Joanna Life and client found not guilty after a 5 day trial at the Youth Court after incredible representation by Michael Skelley who has vast experience dealing with vulnerable clients and witnesses.

R v L

Advised and represented a client (an up and coming musician) who had been falsely accused of rape. Case was front-page news in the national press and required very careful and sensitive preparation. Client followed our advice during his police interview and after detailed representations from us the Crown Prosecution Service decided not to proceed with the case.


R v B

Represented a client with no previous convictions at the Crown Court who had been falsely accused of a large number of historical allegations of rape and sexual assault by his daughter.

Case required meticulous preparation including obtaining expert evidence and speaking to a large number of defence witnesses. Client was expertly represented by Jenni Dempter from 18 Red Lion Court and was rightfully acquitted of all charges.


R v L

Represented a Doctor who had been falsely accused of sexually assaulting a colleague. After making detailed representations on behalf of our client the matter was discontinued.


R v C

Represented a teacher who was accused of having unlawful sex with an underage pupil. After receiving detailed advice (including that our client answer no comment to all police questions) the matter was not proceeded with against our client.


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