I don’t normally write reviews but I felt compelled to after the 2.5. years of worry, stress and the wider impact it had on my family. I also want to make sure that anyone that has just started this terrible journey, there is help and support for you with McMillans being key to guiding you through the judicial system and your point of contact with the police and courts.

I did what you are probably doing now and went through a google search of solicitors after deciding not to use the one appointed to me at the police station. I met with 3/4 ranging from poor to poorer. They had no real understanding of timelines, defence(if any), outcomes etc. All were leading with ££ and showed no value what so ever.

It was actually my sister that came across Mcmillans. I called at 10 at night and spoke with their lead solicitor Joe. Straight away it felt like I was talking to someone that knew how to handle my case. I arranged a meeting and met with Joe two days later.

The meeting lasts over an hour where Joe took a full statement from me. He then explained in detail what the next actions were from the Police and the possible outcomes from the courts. He also would become the main point of contact with the Police. Something that I am very glad of.

My case lasted 28 months and all through that period Joe kept me informed at all times, liaised with the Police and had to chase them several times for updates.

My case eventually was declared as “no further action” to my and my families relief.

McMillans run a fixed fee system. Its actually the cheapest quote I got but that was irrelevant as I was looking for someone that gave me confidence and had my best interest at heart.

I have never been in that situation and I never want to be again. Without McMillans it would have been so much more worse.

If you are looking for a solicitor to cover your case give them a call. You have nothing lose and maybe a lot to gain.