I sincerely and totally believe that I could not have been represented better. I thank you so very much and I’m very grateful to have met you, known Joanna and wish you both and the firm the very best for the future. Joanna repeatedly demonstrated professionalism of the ultimate highest standard; with skills, abilities and compassion far beyond my highest hopes and expectations, always available, promptly responding to my emails, text messages and calls.

I chose McMillans for several reasons but principally for the sincerity expressed on many aspects of the relationship that I sought and the overriding reality that these complex life changing matters require substantial preparation and time.

In a letter to Joanna written on 7th April 2014 (before the verdict) client wrote:

Joanna, I also recognise that your preparatory work which Jenni inextricably must rely upon, as well as your commitment and skills are equally impressive to me. I consider myself fortunate to have you both representing me.

In a further letter to Joanna written on 21 April 2014 (again before the verdict) client wrote:

Joanna, you have become a focus of hope, in the depths of hopelessness and I thank you.

The above is in relation to a client we represented at St Albans Crown Court who had been falsely accused of  a large number of historical allegations of sexual assault and rape. After months of painstaking preparation our client was rightly found not guilty in relation to all matters.

So if you have been falsely accused of a serious sexual offence please don’t think you have to stick with the overworked local duty solicitor under the government’s failing legal aid scheme. We offer affordable fixed fees and we guarantee that you will only deal with solicitors of at least 14 years post qualification experience. We promise to leave no stone unturned in order to ensure that you are not the victim of a miscarriage of justice!


More testimonials

For anyone suffering the intolerably awful misfortune of having been wrongly accused of a crime so evil that hearing the words makes one want to be physically sick, I suggest and wholly recommend using the firm McMillans to represent you; having been in this position myself, I searched the internet for something along the lines of ' what do do if you have been wrongly accused of something...' and fortunately came to their page. I can say very sincerely and ( unfortunately from experience ), you need waste no further time searching, I urge you to engage the employ of this highly credible, expert firm.I was privileged to, on initial contact, having explained the situation in which found myself, to have be placated by Joe , the owner of the firm.This was a conversation lasting in excess of half an hour for which there was no charge. Having then met with Joe some days later, I was equally well advised by Joanna, one of the company's solicitors.Through a reassuring meeting and numerous subsequent telephone conversations with Joanna, a very difficult and unpleasant situation was greatly appeased and concluded, with a degree of respect, courtesy, and a wealth of experience I was fortunate enough to find without traipsing through a whole rake of legal firms.If one person who reads this listens to what I have said and uses McMillans, the five minutes I have spent typing this summary, will be something I am proud of if any reader can, and will, be guided through such a challenging, though solvable incident, with the assistance of this highly professional company.Thank you, hardly covers it. I am humbled by the attention and help afforded to me.
Mr R
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for the total professionalism shown at all times regarding the legal representation of my son. A special thank you to Adam Wiseman for his outstanding work in court which without doubt had a huge impact on the outcome of the case..
Mrs K
We are emailing you to express our deepest gratitude and relief following the not guilty verdict concerning our son.We had found ourselves in one of the most frightening situations, our son had been falsely accused of sexual abusing his young daughter. Following a brief but dreadful experience with a legal aid solicitor and barrister we were fortunate enough to discover McMillans solicitors.Following an initial three hour consultation (for which there was no charge) they immediately offered us hope and reassurance. McMillans worked miracles in preparing our case within approximately three weeks as the trail date had already been booked.Throughout the trial Joanna was an absolute rock and our Barrister Michael Skelley was the ultimate professional, when they accepted our case they prepared us for the fact this was going to be challenging due to the circumstances and time frame.Joanna and Michael literally worked day and night and left no stone unturned.  The result was a unanimous decision of not guilty.There are no words that can express our relief and gratitude, our son now has his life and his future back as a family we can now move forward from this terrible experience. Once again please accept our heart felt thanks.  
Mr C - 2017
I sincerely and totally believe that I could not have been represented better. I thank you so very much.
Mr B
Thankfully, the jury saw sense and came to the right decision in the end and for that I have to thank all of you that were involved with the 2 court cases and especially Matthew Dance for his excellent work.Please pass my best regards to Joe and Liz and also Emma who was at the court with us throughout the afternoon on Monday. I very much appreciate everything that was done by you allThanks to you all, again.
Mr A
Hi JoeI am sure that Jo has informed you that your 100% record is still in tact as I was handed very reluctantly a 3 year probation order by the judge this morning. The judge certainly wasn't a fan of mine and would have loved to have locked me up for a very long time. However, the great work by Jo in having the "publishing an obscene article" charge dropped coupled with more than competent advocacy by my barrister and an excellent report by the probation service, swayed him to go in the other direction.Jo Life has been superb throughout this ordeal and I am so glad she was on my side and not against me. Her advice and encouragement were faultless throughout and I owe a great deal to both you and her. If there is anything that I can ever do for you, please let me know. As an aside, may I also say that your "fixed fee" scheme is also excellent. At least your clients know where they stand and don't have any nasty surprises at the end.Again, many thanks. Very best regards
Mr M - August 2017
I would like to thank McMillans Solicitors and in particular Joanna Life. Earlier this year my son found himself in an unfamiliar and complicated situation with the police.We found McMillans and Joanna very approachable, would always speak to us on the phone and was happy to meet where it was convenient to ourselves. Joanna was very thorough, asked lots of questions and explained the process clearly to us. The Barrister Joanna appointed for the court hearing was also very thorough in her research as well as in court. The judge found my son not guilty and in favour of his defence plea.We would not have got through this stressful time without the support and kindness received as well as the professionalism. I would whole heartedly recommend McMillans Solicitors. The fixed fee basis on which they work mean you know exactly how much you will have to pay from start to finish. Thank you again.
Mrs C - Sept 2017
I write to thank you and your solicitors for all the assistance given to me during my recent case. Both Joanna and Emma proved very supportive of me, and also as well as giving me good advice worked very hard on my case. I thank them for the hard work that they gave to my case. I also wish to commend my barrister Mr Skelley for all his hard work on my case. I would always be willing to recommend your Legal Services to other people who have the need of your firm’s professional help
Mr T - Dec 17
I would like to thank McMillans Solicitors for their help and support with an indecent images charge. I found both Joe and Joanna to be very understanding of my situation and really helped me through one of the worst times in my life. They were always available by phone or email to explain the process and what was happening, and when it came time to go to court the barrister they arranged for me was also very good and understanding. I would have no problems recommending them. Thank you again
Mr P - March 2018
We ultimately chose McMillans not only because they specialise in sexual offences, but also because Joanna Life was down to earth and approachable, and genuinely seemed interested in the case. Their fixed fee system was also very agreeable. Over the months leading to the trial, Joanna was extremely dedicated and was able to build a solid, detailed case. She was always available on the phone or in person if needed, and was very understanding if we had questions (and we had a lot of questions!) She left me very reassured that we had done everything we could to prepare for trial. I could not fault the service we received from McMillans Solicitors and Joanna was everything we needed and more. She often went above and beyond what was expected of her and I couldn't thank her or her team enough. The information she and Joe gave us prior to choosing them was invaluable.Jenni Dempster QC was an absolute marvel to behold. I could not be happier that she acted as counsel for the trial - she exuded a confidence and a passion that astounded me. Genuinely invested in my case and working late into the evening on many occasions with me, she handled everything quickly and efficiently, with all the expertise you could wish for. She commanded respect in the courtroom, made all the right calls, handled difficult witnesses with kindness and care and performed a strong, but delicate cross-examination. She paid close attention to the evidence and was able to use it as effectively as possible. I was very impressed with her work. The further through the trial we got, the more hope I felt. It could not have gone better, despite all the obstacles we faced.I received a unanimous 'Not Guilty' verdict. I owe them my life. One of the hardest things when going through something like this is dealing with the unknown - how it's all going to go and who you should choose to represent you - but I can tell you that absolute confidence that McMillans Solicitors (along with Jenni and her team) are a force to be reckoned with and were the right choice. They were astounding, filled us all with confidence and hope, and I highly recommend them.
Mr S - Dec 2018
I don't normally write reviews but I felt compelled to after the 2.5. years of worry, stress and the wider impact it had on my family. I also want to make sure that anyone that has just started this terrible journey, there is help and support for you with McMillans being key to guiding you through the judicial system and your point of contact with the police and courts.I did what you are probably doing now and went through a google search of solicitors after deciding not to use the one appointed to me at the police station. I met with 3/4 ranging from poor to poorer. They had no real understanding of timelines, defence(if any), outcomes etc. All were leading with ££ and showed no value what so ever.It was actually my sister that came across Mcmillans. I called at 10 at night and spoke with their lead solicitor Joe. Straight away it felt like I was talking to someone that knew how to handle my case. I arranged a meeting and met with Joe two days later.The meeting lasts over an hour where Joe took a full statement from me. He then explained in detail what the next actions were from the Police and the possible outcomes from the courts. He also would become the main point of contact with the Police. Something that I am very glad of.My case lasted 28 months and all through that period Joe kept me informed at all times, liaised with the Police and had to chase them several times for updates.My case eventually was declared as "no further action" to my and my families relief.McMillans run a fixed fee system. Its actually the cheapest quote I got but that was irrelevant as I was looking for someone that gave me confidence and had my best interest at heart.I have never been in that situation and I never want to be again. Without McMillans it would have been so much more worse.If you are looking for a solicitor to cover your case give them a call. You have nothing lose and maybe a lot to gain.
Mr M - May 2020
The stress of the last few years is finally beginning to subside.I would like to thank you and your team for the hard work you have put in and the consideration you have given me. I do not believe I could have wished for better representation.
Please pass on my thanks to all those who have been involved, especially to Michael Skelley who did a sterling job on the day in front of a Judge who gave every appearance of being somewhat hostile. Certainly very much less than sympathetic, shall we say!
Please also thank Joanna who provided excellent support to both myself and to my wife.
The outcome was without doubt the best that I could have hoped for under the circumstances and that was entirely due to the outstanding representation I have received from you and your team. Indeed, I am mildly surprised that there was no Community Payback order included in the sentence which I had been fully expecting.
PR - Jan 2022
A quick note to say thank you so much for all your help. Jo was a marvel and I am terrifically relieved that the day went so smoothly. Thanks for all.
September 2014
If you want a solicitor that replies to your calls or emails straight away; you want to be treated with dignity and respect; and you want someone to truly fight your corner, then in my opinion you will not find any better. I would highly recommend McMillans to anyone.
Mr G
I would like to take the time to thank McMillans solicitors and in particular Liz Maidment, the level of quality service received was excellent from start to finish. Liz showed her brilliant knowledge and tact, kept me fully inform at all stages and I was always confident that the right outcome would be achieved. Thanks again for the excellent service.
May 2014
I wanted to write and thank you for your help and support since Saturday. I had the worst day of my life yesterday but this was made so much more bearable by Liz who was nothing short of outstanding. I cannot thank her enough and would be very grateful if you could pass this on to her. Her calm words and manner were second to none and she was without doubt the reason things went as well as we could have hoped. She went beyond the call of duty and for that I would want to thank her further. A fantastic solicitor and someone who genuinely cared. Thank you Joe.
January 2014
Just a quick note to give my thanks for the work and effort you put into getting me the correct result. From the onset of your involvement I felt a considerable weight taken off my shoulders, this was made all the more important with such a long drawn out case. I am confident the same result could not have been achieved without you on board and as such am extremely grateful. The 3 hour drive back to London that evening really was a pleasure! I wish you all the best in the future and will not hesitate to recommend you and your firm should I became aware of anyone in a similarly unfortunate position to that which I was in.
Mr P
I would like to write and thank McMillans for their representation after I had been falsely accused of rape by my ex wife.I had been represented by a different firm under legal aid during my first trial which had ended with a hung jury.Upon contacting Mcmillans I was told that the firms owner would ring me back. I was pleasantly surprised when this happened within the hour. Something I was not used to under legal aid.The owner Joe Happe seemed friendly and approachable and there was no hard sell. He listened to what I had to say and offered me a free consultation which I attended a few weeks later.After appointing McMillans as my solicitors I received a call from Joanna Life. The difference between her and my original solicitor was immediately apparent.I could phone and speak to her whenever I needed to. If she was unavailable she would phone me back within the hour.Joanna travelled from Epping in Essex to my home on the Kent coast on three separate occasions to speak to me in person, meet witnesses and gather evidence. She also met with my parents at their home on a separate occasion.Nothing was too much trouble, no stone was left unturned.Her no nonsense, down to earth attitude was reassuring to a family who had already been through too much.Mcmillans recommended a barrister, Mr David Malone, whom I met with on three occasions at his chambers in London. I was particularly wary as I felt I had been let down by my last barrister.David Malone was an excellent recommendation. He paid such attention to detail and worked incredibly hard on my representation. The opposing barrister even complimented him on his closing speech.After appointing McMillans as my solicitor's they have been with me at every stage. From initially stepping in and clearing up the mess of my previous solicitors, through an incredibly stressful trial and aquittal to even now liaising with the police for the return of my property.After being through the nightmare of two trials in the current climate I feel extremely fortunate to have found Mcmillans. They are a firm that provided an excellent, professional service whilst seeming to understand the nightmare that we as a family were going through.
Mr C


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