Our People

Female Lawyer or notary in her officeRepresenting a client for a sexual offence is a very particular skill that comes from years of experience.

All our cases are overseen by the firm’s founder and principle solicitor Joe Happe. Joe was a senior partner at one of the busiest criminal firms in Hertfordshire for 8 years before setting up McMillans Solicitors in 2012. Joe now attends court almost exclusively in relation to those clients who have been falsely accused of serious sexual offences and he is supported at the office and at court by his colleague Joanna Life. Joanna has been representing clients all over the country for every type of sexual offence since qualifying as a solicitor over 25 years ago. She has acquired a reputation as the most tenacious and gifted lawyer working in this challenging area of the law.

Please see a recent testimonial from a thankful client represented by Joanna who was found not guilty of multiple counts of historical indecent assault and rape.


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