Another fantastic result at Maidstone Crown Court where our client was unanimously found not guilty of rape after a week long trial.

Amazing representation and advocacy from Jenni Dempster QC as always.

A relieved client sent us the following testimonial:

“We ultimately chose McMillans not only because they specialise in sexual offences, but also because Joanna Life was down to earth and approachable, and genuinely seemed interested in the case. Their fixed fee system was also very agreeable. Over the months leading to the trial, Joanna was extremely dedicated and was able to build a solid, detailed case. She was always available on the phone or in person if needed, and was very understanding if we had questions (and we had a lot of questions!) She left me very reassured that we had done everything we could to prepare for trial. I could not fault the service we received from McMillans Solicitors and Joanna was everything we needed and more. She often went above and beyond what was expected of her and I couldn’t thank her or her team enough. The information she and Joe gave us prior to choosing them was invaluable.

Jenni Dempster QC was an absolute marvel to behold. I could not be happier that she acted as counsel for the trial – she exuded a confidence and a passion that astounded me. Genuinely invested in my case and working late into the evening on many occasions with me, she handled everything quickly and efficiently, with all the expertise you could wish for. She commanded respect in the courtroom, made all the right calls, handled difficult witnesses with kindness and care and performed a strong, but delicate cross-examination. She paid close attention to the evidence and was able to use it as effectively as possible. I was very impressed with her work. The further through the trial we got, the more hope I felt. It could not have gone better, despite all the obstacles we faced.

I received a unanimous ‘Not Guilty’ verdict. I owe them my life. One of the hardest things when going through something like this is dealing with the unknown – how it’s all going to go and who you should choose to represent you – but I can tell you that absolute confidence that McMillans Solicitors (along with Jenni and her team) are a force to be reckoned with and were the right choice. They were astounding, filled us all with confidence and hope, and I highly recommend them. “